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BT's BioStats: updated 10/12/06

name: Dan

age: 23

aliases: Dan the Man, BT, BT14, BT141025, BTornado14, BlueTornado14, DJ Danek.

place of orgin: Livonia, MI

nationality: polish canadian



favorite show: Mythbusters

game shows: press your luck, whammy, the price is right, russian roulette, let's make a deal, american gladiators, lingo, wheel of fortune, Jeopardy!, Deal or No Deal, 1 vs. 100

cartoons: simpsons, spongebob squarepants, ren and stimpy, Excel Saga Anime.

misc: The Amazing Race, whose line is it anyway (UK and US), monty python's flying circus, iron chef, around the horn, Heroes, Dirty Jobs.



top 5 fav bands: 1. Stereolab, 2. BT, 3. Coldplay, 4. Pink Floyd, 5. Hybrid

genres prefered: all electronic music, hip-hop (not rap), indie, alternative, street jazz, latin american

personal anthem: "finished symphony" by hybrid



favorite movie: Murderball

other goodies: matrix, fifth element, braveheart, independence day, fast and the furious, 2001: a space odyssey, 2010, A.I., A Few Good Men, Lord of the Rings, The Man in the Iron Mask.

genres prefered: sci-fi, comedy, action, modern-day military films


Other bits of Pop-Cult:

I will waste anyone in a game of you don't know jack! Not only that but I will take you on in the most challenging trivia game known to man: SHOWDOWN! Just name the bar and I'll see you on Tuesday night! I love my N64 and I'm uncertain if I'll get any other systems but if I do, it'll be a nintendo system. I worked 3 years in a bookstore and now work at a history-related non-profit organiztion.



sports currently played: mountian biking, curling, adventure racing

sports tried: tennis, track, soccer

sports watched: hockey, soccer, football, curling, baseball (on occasion), pool


Q & A:

Are you crazy?



Do you smoke?

no but I don't mind others smoking


Do you drink?

Every chance I get!


Pro-life or pro-choice?

choice. There are many reasons why. Primarily because of too many philisophical questions that will never truly be solved. Besides, mankind can never fully control others' free will.


Are you gay?

no. I also oppose any anti-gay sentiments.


What are your life achievements?

I've swam in Lake Huron every memorial day weekend during childhood, I've walked 60 miles in 3 days to raise $2,200 for breast cancer.


Any pets?

my sister


Any favorite foods?

mexican, japanese, cantonese, szechuan, basically you cook it, I eat it.


How come half of your favorite bands are ones I've never heard of?

Because I'm so sick of the music industry and how music is presented to every with a silver spoon in the ass, that I've become dedicated to finding music that's innovative and that quite possibly would make me one of the first ones in the world to hear it. Just because you haven't heard of a band before, it doesn't mean they suck.


What's up with the whole game show thing?

I'm just one of a forgotten genre of TV fanatics that with aid of the internet, has been given a whole new place to thrive and socialize.


What is one piece of advice that you would give to people on life?

Always have a fresh pair of socks on to start your day because you don't know where your feet will take you.


Is there life out there?

Let me answer this one with a quote from the movie "Contact:" "If the universe was made for just us, it would be an awful waste of space."


With that said, are you religous?

100% pure american baptist


anything else you what to say?

If you don't know me yet, you WILL


What if somebody has a really good question that they want to ask but it isn't here?

My e-mail is on the homepage and if it's a valid question, I'll post it. I don't answer offensive questions.